How to Use Google to Find Your Lost Android Phone

If you misplaced your Android phone, welcome to the club. Ask any mobile center or shop that sell laptop computers, and they will tell you that at one point or another, everyone has misplaced his or her mobile phone. Sometimes people misplaced their device at home, other times in a vehicle, and occasionally out in the unknown.

While in the past searching for your lost phone can be a serious panic-inducing hassle, now rather than looking all over the place to track it down, you can depend on Google for help. Even with its various umbrella projects, Google continues to predominantly be a search organization. Therefore the fact that you are now able to use the internet search engine on your computer or laptop to locate your lost phone is basically just business as usual. The popular search engine unveiled the process on how you can look for your Android phone or tablet using Google’s search engine, providing you satisfy the right requirements.

How Google Can Help You Locate Your Lost Android Phone

Before anything else, you need to make sure you’re logged into the same Google account on the browser of the computer that you use on your mobile phone. You need to have the latest version of the Google app downloaded on your phone for the search to work. When you got these two important steps right, you may proceed to locating your phone.

Key in the phrase “find my phone” into Google on your computer or laptop. The search engine will respond by displaying a map that efforts to zero in on the location of your phone. Wait for several seconds and you will eventually view an area on the map that’s accurate to a particular distance. For instance, Google map will inform you that the location of your phone was about 35 feet from you. You may then go to the spot where your phone is supposed to be.

Now, what if you misplaced your phone at home? Unfortunately, Google won’t be able to track the exact room where it’s in. However, it can ring your phone so you’ll be able to track it down yourself. To pinpoint your phone, hit the icon or link for “Ring” on the map provided. Your phone will then ring at full volume for approximately five minutes. Once you see it, just click the power button to cancel the process and turn it off.

If you misplaced your Android tablet, you may still use the Google feature to find your gadget. Follow the same steps and Google will zero in on the tablet’s location.

Another Way to Track Your Android Gadget

The Google search feature is not just the only way to locate a misplaced Android phone or tablet. A related feature known as Android Device Manager can track down and ring your gadget. If you’ve been robbed and your gadget was stolen, you may even remotely lock the gadget, reset the password, or delete its data. With the help of Google, you can now avoid a panic attack every time you misplace your gadget.

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