How to Clean Your Smartphone DIY-Style

Good business centers that sel cell phone and gadget will tell you that cleaning the device is crucial for the owner’s health. A mobile phone carries bacteria as much as 18 times as a toilet seat. Overlooking to clean the cell phone is a horrible tech habit every owner needs to break. Mobile phones have been proven to keep harmful bacteria , germs, and even feces. If there’s one new habit that every phone user must adopt, it’s keeping that device clean all the time. Here are some tech-friendly, DIY cleaning tips every mobile user can do.

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      • Search for cleaning tips for the specific mobile phone. Prior to getting into a cleaning mode, take a look at the phone’s cleaning specifications. It’s always an excellent idea to perform a brief search for cleanup guidelines for the model via tge device’s manufacturer. Some tech companies , such as Apple, utilize glass on both sides of the phone, so using an alcohol to for cleanup isn’t recommended. For damaged phones, like a cracked screen, DIY cleaning can be a bit tricky as a wrong move can permanently damage the gadget. Researching about the device can prevent this from happening.
      • Make a DIY mobile phone cleaner. For those who have mobile phones with keypad , then making a DIY mobile phone cleaner is easier than for those with touchscreen phones. To create a DIY formula to use to clean a mobile phone with keypad, mix one-part water and one-part rubbing alcohol. Use a Q-tip to dip into the solution and clean the keypad. The same formula can be used to clean mobile phone cases made of plastic. For the phone’s battery area battery cover, a swab using a dry cotton is recommended. The phone camera lens can be cleaned using a water-dampened soft cloth.
      • Clean the screen of the phone regularly .-One of the easiest ways to clean the screen of a touchscreen phone is to use a screen protector. This phone must-have doesn’t only protect the device against germs, it also protects the gadget from unsigtly scratches. Buy a screen protector that suits perfectly with the device to avoidputting one over and over again.   If the touchscreen phone is without a screen protector , it’s important to frequently wipe and clean the screen of the phone. This is especially true after making or receiving a call. Mobile phone cleaning kits are widely available in the market today so finding the best kit to help with the DIY mobile clean-up shouldn’t be a problem.
      • Use a piece of scotch Tape for a quick , cost-effective cleanup.- For those who are in a pinch and want to instantly rid the phone of filthy crevices and dirty fingerprints, use a piece of sScotch Tape to remove dust and the smudges caused by various fingerprints. This is the best alternative if there’s no microfiber cloth handy. The downside with this cleaning method is that, unfortunately, the germs in the phone are likely not lessened with a mere Scotch Tape as a cleaning tool.

Using these four easy-to-follow cleaning tips to ensure a clean, shiny and fermfree smartphone.

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