New Design for Google Hangouts for iOS

A few days ago, Google delivered an update for its Hangouts program intended for gadgets susing iOS. The upgrade , version 4.0, now features a brand new layout for the entire app. Even though the upgrade is for iOS-running gadgets, it makes the user end up with a program that feels a lot like Android. This is mainly because the upadates used several identical material design concepts that Google apps on Android work with.

New User Interface
Although the primary display screen of the program only acquires a handful of modifications, all changes are noteworthy. The program now uses the round button for establishing a new chat. The design also features a routing drawer thar may be accessed using the hamburger button ( three horizontal lines) positioned in the top left side of the screen. Software critics believe this to be a tricky navigation. Even though the drawer can be used on all Google programs on Android. It is hindered by Apple, along with the design principles for their iOS programs.
On top of the latest styles of navigation, the new design features a number of refined adjustments too. Now, the typefaces used feature a fuller weight. They also adopted a shade of blue, contrary to the grayish color used before.
The improved contrast causes messages to be read easier and simpler. The same shade of blue is likewise used for the routing buttons at the base of the screen.
Another subtle tweak made is the green-colored bar, which indicates what section you are in. It is now moved from the top navigation buttonstio the rear end of the screen. Furthermore, the separation lines that used to be visible between chats are now removed. This is part of the update Google has been doing with its other app it redesigns its programs.

Color Schemes and Photos.
Hangouts for iOS’ new design in now sporting green shade chat bubbles. The color is a much better fit with the trademark green hue of Google Hangouts. This time around, the gree bubbles are conversations sent to you. Now, text inside the green bubbles are in the to make them distinct against the dark text inside the white to make bubbles. Also, the chat bubbles are a lot more curved.
A variety of modifications had been made with the input field as well. Instead of the traditional paper clip, Google has unveiled al the choices for delivering media right within the text box. While you can no longer fit nearly as many texts on the display screen as before, practically and aesthetically , the change is advantageous. Also ,it’s now possible to send pictures , take photos to send, and share different tiny images to the person you’re chatting with. A support for location sharing is added, and the button for photos now enables you to send multiple images in one click.

You can now dowload Google Hangouts 4.0 for iOS on the App Store . For those newto iOS or Google Hangouts, you can ask the help of sites that sell iPhone and other iOSdevices like Gadget Salvation.

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