Things You Need to Know about the New Chromecast

Google helps make your online life simpler. From email and search results to news and online maps, it’s the go-to hub of most online users.

Today, Google takes over television with the new Chromecast, an internet streaming dongle that just got a vibrant makeover.

The Chromecast was on top of Amazon’s list of best-selling electronic devices for two consecutive years until Amazon discontinued selling streaming units that don’t support its own Prime Instant streaming program. But according to vendors who sell electronics, the gadget continues to be available straight from Google. Walmart, Best Buy, Target, and Staples likewise carry the product.

Part of the appeal of Google’s streaming service is due to its pure mobility. This ultra-portable gadget is essentially a plug-and-play device. The price – just $35 to stream shows from Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, HBO and a lot more – doesn’t hurt too. Plus, it’s bursting with apps for music and workout beats, as well as several sports news programs.

Apart from its mobility, here are some features that make Chromecast a popular online streaming unit.

1. It’s faster.

As expected with the new overhaul, the new Chromecast has been given a boost in performance. This is primarily noticed in its wireless installation, which now utilizes dual-band 2.4 or 5GHz 802.11ac Wi-Fi as well as an adaptive antenna. Google claims this minimizes buffering and allows higher resolutions.

2. It supports more apps.

Thousands of mobile apps are now Chromecast-friendly. This makes it possible to share whatever it is you’re doing on your smartphone or tablet on your television. As before, Chromecast works with iOS and Android devices, besides Mac, Windows and Chromebook PCs.

3. It’s visually attractive.

Gone is the pointed-USB-look of the gadget’s first model. It is now replaced with a design that the search engine giant promises to suit better into packed HDMI ports at the back of your television. It’s made available in three colors: black, yellow (aka Lemonade), and red (aka Coral). Google has also overhauled its screensaver-like backdrop mode. In the past, it was a clear case of ‘you get what you’re given’, but with the new Chromecast you can now customize the backdrop, such as adding your own photos via Facebook or Flickr as a slideshow.

4. It features new gaming smarts.

The Chromecast is not a PlayStation 4, but it can be used to play various types of family games. Sample games include Jeopardy, Just Dance 2015, and Sonic Jump Fever. Download the game to your iOS or Android device. This way you can use either your smartphone or tablet as a game controller. There are roughly 100 games for Chromecast available in Google Play.

5. It provides a strong Wi-Fi connection.

The Chromecast is a practical gadget for streaming shows from Netflix, YouTube, and many others from your mobile device to your television. To avoid video buffering, it requires a strong Wi-Fi connection. Not all has a super-fast Wi-Fi network, but for Chromecast users, Google provides an Ethernet adapter. The adapter resembles the Chromecast power cord, however, the plug-end now has a small Ethernet port.

These are just a few of the many benefits of Google Chromecast. Get yourself this streaming device to discover more.