A Basic Guide to Selling Your Broken Laptop

Would anyone bother buying an old gadget—let alone a broken laptop? The answer is yes, and it’s no longer a surprise. Googling “electronics buy-and-sell” alone already gives you pages of recommended places, a lot of which are looking to buy broken devices.

Some people buy to fix while others buy to sell parts. That means you can still turn your seemingly useless device into cash. The question is: how can you actually sell your product? With a bit of elbow grease, it’s relatively easy.

Here are some ways to find potential buyers to purchase your broken laptop.

Make It Look Good

Now, just because your device is broken doesn’t mean you should skip cleaning it. In fact, people who buy broken devices would pay more for a laptop that at least looks decent.

If you’re willing to go the extra mile, you could even repair the laptop yourself. You don’t need to fix the whole thing, but maybe the keyboard or the mousepad can still be salvaged. After all, repairs increase the device’s value.

Provide Details

We said earlier that some people buy broken electronics to sell the parts. For these buyers, provide an accurate and concise description of your laptop. Include specs, such as RAM, internal storage, and processing power. List as well the full model number and details pertaining to the device’s defects.

A functioning hard drive, optical drive, and RAM would be handy. People are particularly willing to pay a hefty sum for the display, which they can use as a standalone monitor.

Post an Online Ad

It’s one thing to sell laptops in person, and another to put your product online. The power of the internet can help you reach potential buyers worldwide. But more importantly, it allows potential buyers in your area to reach you.

Post pictures of your laptop, as listings that include photos usually sell more than those that don’t. Determine its value and be fair when naming your price. Specify a contact number as well, so that it would be easier to reach you.

Where to Sell

Where should you go if your device is ready for purchase? Here are some places where you can sell laptops, even when they’re broken.

  • Online marketplace. Sell your laptop to the highest bidder.
  • Buy back or trade-in programs. Most companies prefer used devices instead of broken laptops, but some of them pay for broken electronics. Several e-commerce websites also accept trade-ins for broken laptops.
  • Local resellers. Laptop repair businesses are constantly on the lookout for used and broken laptops that they can fix or sell for parts.
  • Craigslist. Posting an ad is free. However, you’re in charge of handling transactions and meeting with prospective buyers.
  • Yard sales. Place your laptop in a box full of broken electronics, then offer everything for a single price.

Selling Your Broken Laptop

Be smart before parting with your device: reformat your laptop and take out the hard drive. You’ll net more cash selling a used device at least instead of letting it gather dust somewhere in your house.

Frank M.

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