The Cons of Selling Your Laptop at Best Buy

There are many reasons to sell a used laptop, whether you receive a new one or simply need the money to get a new one. Plenty of websites offer services that allow you to sell your old laptops. Some of these include Samsung and Apple, though their trade-in programs only apply to devices specifically made by them.

There’s also the Best Buy Trade-In, which allows you to sell your used laptops regardless of who the manufacturer is. They accept all laptop brands available, and offer specific deals or pay extra depending on the estimated value.

How Best Buy Trade-In Works

The Best Buy Online Trade In offers a number of options for you to sell a used laptop. After filling out a questionnaire, the tool estimates the value of your laptop. You have the option of either shipping it using a prepaid label or looking for a local branch that accepts in-store trade-ins.

There are four simple steps to trade-in equipment:

  1. Use the Estimator to get an instant estimate of the trade-in value of your laptop.
  2. If the value’s acceptable, register with the Best Buy Trade-In Center.
  3. After completing the transaction, you have to print a prepaid shipping label when shipping the laptop to a trade-in center, if this is done online.

Best Buy’s compensation comes in the form of a Best Buy E-Gift card that will be emailed to your email address within 10 days of receiving your item. This gift card is available for use at any of their stores for any of their items.

It also provides very specific shipping tips. It should be noted that standard ground shipping costs are included after accepting an estimate and a prepaid shipping label is generated.

The Cons of Selling at Best Buy

Not all products are considered eligible for trade-ins, however. There are also some Best Buy branches that do in trade-in services either. There are two condition levels applied when Best Buy evaluates a laptop to sell: playable and non-playable, where the item’s condition plays a part in determining its value.

For example, a disc is considered playable if it’s been wiped and has no significant scratches or cracks. It’s considered non-playable if it hasn’t been wiped and still has personal information on it, or if it carries scratches or cracks already.

You’re responsible for wiping any personal data before giving them your laptop for evaluation if this is done at one of their branches. The Best Buy Trade-In is also only available if you’re eighteen or older. What they take also depends on whether Best Buy is looking to sell MacBooks or sell used laptops, as they occasionally change their categories.

More information about Best Buy’s Trade In can be found on their FAQ page. The site offers tips on how to wipe a hard drive clean before handing it over for evaluation.

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