What’s More Popular in Coffee Shops: PC Laptops or MacBooks?

You’ve seen it all before: a coffee shop teeming with open laptops beside cups of coffee, their owners lost in the glare of the screen. This scene has become more common nowadays. The sight of laptops is as pervasive as the smell of coffee. 
With the onset of remote work, working on the go has become a more common concept. Different types of people, from executives to students, flock to coffee shops to get their work done. But have you ever stopped to notice which laptops are more popular in coffee shops? Are there more MacBooks than PC laptops? One article has noted the prevalence of Macs in trendy coffee shops in what would be classified as “hip” urban neighborhoods. 

Why Do People Flock to Coffee Shops?
Coffee shops are a popular venue for remote work. But why do people choose to work in coffee shops? Well, for one, productivity has been found to be contagious. Research reveals that working next to someone who is working hard on their laptop can lead to improved productivity and better work quality. The ambient noise in coffee shops also lend a hand in the improvement of creative tasks

Coffee Shop Etiquette
Regardless of the type of laptop that you’re using, there are several steps that you can follow to become a more responsible consumer:

  • Learn to share. A coffee shop’s Wi-Fi, electricity, and tables are for everyone. Share the bandwidth by refraining from downloading heavy files or streaming films for hours on end. Share the space by occupying only one chair and put your belongings on the floor. 
  • Buy something every now and then. “Every now and then” usually means ordering another cup of coffee or a sandwich every 90 minutes to 3 hours as a common courtesy.

Whatever your laptop might be, the most important thing is getting the job done. You might be using an old laptop that isn’t cut out for doing remote tasks. If so, you might want to sell your used laptop and get a newer, better model.

What to Do with Your Old Laptop
One of the best options to get rid of your old laptop is to sell it. To sell laptop units is to give them a new lease on life, plus this keeps them out of landfills. There are a lot of avenues, such as online marketplaces and online services, that can give you some extra cash in exchange for your old or broken laptop, which could still be recycled or refurbished. 

Before you sell a used laptop, you should:

  • Back up all of your important data.
  • Keep track of the product keys for all of your installed software.
  • Wipe all of your data by formatting your laptop’s hard drive.
  • Re-install your laptop’s operating system.
  • Clean your laptop before selling it.

Whether you’re using a MacBook or a PC laptop when working in a coffee shop, observing coffee shop etiquette when doing remote work is as important as having the kind of laptop that can deliver the best results.