6 Tricks To Ensure The Lifespan Of Your Laptop

Following these steps, your laptop performance will improve and will help to increase its lifespan.

Avoid drinking and eating next to your laptop

Laptops are such a great tool to work, study or to gaming and are used very frequently. However, it represents such an investment depending on the model, brand and memory RAM. As any other tech gadgets, laptops need care to ensure it can last longer. Indeed, the lifespan of your laptop will depend how you treat your device and the quality from your manufacturer.However, if you follow these steps, you can easily extend the life of your laptop and make it perform better.

1. Clean The System

We recommend checking your RAM and hard drive levels. Delete any unwanted files and uninstall apps you don’t use anymore.  If you have a Windows 10, it will defrag your hard drive once a month using the disk optimization tool.  You can find this option: start>Programs> Accessories. Plus, you have the option to upgrade memory and will make your laptop run faster and longer.

2. Let It Cold Down

Make sure your cooling fan is not clogged with dirt to avoid heat to your CPU and graphics.  It is normal that your laptop generates heat, because you are using your computer. Thus, place your device far from the sunlight and in a space that stays cool. Ensure the flow of air by removing anything that covers the fan of your laptop. When you do this, your computer will run smoothly and heat will be out

3. Keep An Eye On The Updates

Updating the operating system, apps and antivirus up to date. Although, it might take a while to update it is an indispensable step to follow for the maintenance of your system. We recommend setting up the automatic update of your laptop. If you have a Windows PC you have to defragment and run “Disk Cleanup” at least once a month.

4. Take Care Laptop Parts

As we mentioned that the  lifespan of your laptop depends on how well you treat and maintain your device. Taking care of laptop parts such as screens, cords, and batteries are absolutely important. For instance, remove the battery of your laptop when you are working with the charger plugged. This helps to prevent battery damage when overcharging. Then, check the cord hasn’t any cracks ,and use a carry bag to protect your device when you transport it.

5. Keep It Clean

Avoid eating and drinking next to your laptop. This can save you from accidental spills on your laptop and damage your keyword or even worse, your motherboard. Also, try to keep your computer clean from dust and dirty to avoid issues in functioning. Dust can clog your fan leading to slow down  and overheating your laptop. You can use a small canned air to remove all the dirty from the fan.

6. Avoid Turning On/Off Several Times In A Day

If you use your laptop several times a day, it is recommended to not switch off each time you don’t use it. If you turn it on/off many times in a day, it will change the temperature inside the components and  the laptop system, and it will cause that hardware to contact and expand. Reason why, switching off once you have done with your day is enough to ensure your device lasts longer. 

Did you see how simple actions can make a big difference on the lifespan of your laptop?  Also, you can follow these tips mentioned above,  if you are considering laptop trade in for cash online. These steps not only will improve your laptop performance, but if you integrate these practices you can get a better quote for your laptop. For instance,in our article what things to take into account before Mac trade in, we recommend easy tips when selling your gadget. 

Marie B.

Marie B.