Top 5 Options for Selling Used Laptops in 2024

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Although modern technology depreciates fast, reselling used gadgets you no longer use is a viable option for recycling while adding a few extra dollars back into your wallet. 

In this blog post, we will be talking about some of the most effective options for selling used laptops: 

Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Facebook Marketplace

ConvenienceIt might take months and multiple price revisions before you can make the sale.
Sellers should be aware of scams, especially when it comes to reselling high-end laptops.
Pros and cons of selling a laptop on Facebook Marketplace.

This one is arguably the most convenient option for selling used computers, as it requires minimal effort. For one, you are likely already on Facebook. And, in all likelihood, you probably have used Marketplace before. 

Facebook Marketplace can be a great way to declutter your home. People list the oddest of things on Facebook, and, seemingly, there is always a buyer.

Listing on Facebook Marketplace is easy: You just open your phone camera, snap plenty of detailed photos of the laptop you are selling, provide the title and description, and set your asking price. Done!

Now, the waiting game begins. While it is certainly possible to sell your laptop within hours of posting, that is not always the case. 

Your used laptop selling success depends on the following factors:

  1. Brand and model. Products like Apple or gaming computers will sell faster. As an experiment, we tried listing a MacBook, a Microsoft Surface Pro, and an Alienware computer on Facebook Marketplace. Unsurprisingly, the Mac got the most interest, with several saves for the Surface. No inquiries about Alienware, however. 
  2. Asking price. Set a realistic number if you don’t want to reply to the same 10 questions for months, and consider accepting offers.
  3. Age and condition. The newer the model, the higher the chance it will sell faster, except for some collectible models. Again, if your laptop is pristine, it appeals more to potential buyers.

Do not use Marketplace if:

  • You are not tech-savvy and know little about your laptop’s hardware.
  • If you are on a tight schedule with very little spare time.
  • You need cash yesterday. 


Pros and cons of selling used laptops on eBay

Reaching a wider audienceAccount setup is needed
Multiple seller tools like private offers and discount codesSeller fees
High returns rate
Questionable seller protections

eBay has been a go-to reseller platform for ages. And it continues to be among the most popular marketplaces today. However, it is best suited for seasoned sellers. One-time users will find that setting up an account and sharing personal information with eBay may not be worthwhile. 

Once you register an account, the process of listing your laptop is fairly similar to Facebook Marketplace. And like with Facebook, a low-demand computer (i.e., an unpopular brand or an older model) can take a while to sell. Yet, you are reaching a much broader audience (both domestic and abroad), so you will likely close the sale faster. But it is not free. 

Here are a few points to keep in mind:

  1. You will have to ship your computer once it sells.
  2. The seller pays a 12.55% + $0.30 eBay fee, which is a lot if your laptop is expensive. 
  3. Even once you transfer funds to your bank account, you are not necessarily squared up. Your buyer can request a return or file a claim within 30 days (or more in some cases) of delivery.
  4. If any issues arise, eBay sides with the buyer 99.9% of the time.

Do not sell your laptop on eBay if:

  • It’s your first time.
  • You want to keep personal info (address, bank account, Social Security number, upload photo ID) private.

Online Buyback Sites

Plenty of electronics online buyback platforms have emerged over the past decade, and they make a great alternative to “traditional” marketplaces.

Perks and drawbacks of using an online buyback site for selling used laptops

Quick saleSellers don’t get to name their price
Easy to use
The laptop does not have to be fully working

 When you sell a used computer via a buyback site, you only need to get a valuation, mail it in for free, and get paid. And because the company is the buyer in this instance, the transaction gets closed much quicker, making a buyback site a perfect alternative for those who want to get rid of their old computer fast and hassle-free. 

Take your time selecting a buyback site. For example, some platforms will only buy Apple laptops, while others accept both Macs and PCs. Therefore, the seller should check out several places and get multiple offers. 

Things to keep in mind when selling used laptops online:

  1. How long the offer is valid for.
  2. BBB accreditation.
  3. Number of years in business.
  4. User reviews.

Do not use online buyback if:

  • You are looking to get close to the price you originally paid. 
  • You bought your computer abroad, or it is not a well-known brand/model.
  • You want to sell it for parts. 

Best Buy Trade-in

ConvenientNo cash payments
Perfect for upgradesLower offers
Non-functional/broken laptops have a $0 trade-in value
Pros and cons of using the Best Buy Trade-in program.

Best Buy does not pay cash for used computers but offers a store credit instead. It may not sound ideal, but the convenience of being able to trade both in-store and online has won over many gadget users. Besides, trading in your laptop with Best Buy locally is a safe option if you are unsure about mailing it in. 

For example, you can walk into your local store with a qualifying laptop model and a gift card or a brand-new device. But before doing that, you should go online and make sure that Best Buy offers credit on it.

Right now, they only accept the following laptop brands:

  1. Apple 
  2. Alienware
  3. Dell 
  4. HP 
  5. MSI

So, if you are a PC laptop user, your options are dismal, as even among these four brands, the number of laptop series and models is very limited.

But even if your notebook is on the list, do make sure it is fully functional, as Best Buy does not offer store credit for defective devices. To ensure you receive credit, clean and reset the computer, or at the very least, remove passwords and linked accounts. Include the charger for a higher trade-in credit. Lastly, play it safe and stop by the store to complete the transaction in person. Otherwise, if the Best Buy processing team finds any hardware problems, the computer will get recycled with no buyback value.

Do not use Best Buy Trade-in if:

  • You don’t want to upgrade but receive cashback instead.
  • Your laptop model is not in their database.
  • Your laptop is not fully functional.


Dealing with fellow Redditors, who are often tech-savvy and know the resale marketLargely unregulated and vulnerable to scams and fraudulent disputes
Sellers can disassemble their computers and sell hardware parts
Pros and cons of selling laptops on Reddit.

This subreddit gained much popularity with technology enthusiasts over the years, as it allows its participants to solicit and exchange advice, get recommendations, as well as buy, sell, and trade electronics with fellow Redditors. HardwareSwap is not really a marketplace but a community, and it instills a certain level of trust. As a bonus, users can also hang out and trade technology on Discord. 

It is essential to understand, however, that the community is largely self-regulated, leaving a lot of opportunities for scams and cheating. To its credit, the subreddit has an extensive set of rules that a potential seller or buyer must carefully study before actively participating. For example:

  • Paypal for Goods & Services is the only approved payment method on /r/hardwareswap (plus cash for local sales). CashApp, Venmo, Zelle, checks, gift cards, crypto, or any other forms of payment simply are not allowed.
  • Sellers must give buyers a valid tracking number within five business days of payment. The seller is responsible for getting the item to the buyer safely and as described.
  • No auctions or bidding, and many many more other provisions.

The subreddit moderators even keep a list of scammers, but it is not often enough. Ultimately, buyers and sellers must understand and accept the risks associated with dealing on Reddit and Discord. There is no 3rd party mitigator and no protections in case something goes awry. 

Do not sell on r/HardwareSwap if:

  • You don’t want to read and adhere to a very extensive list of rules, take plenty of pictures, and follow up on hundreds of comments in the subreddit.
  • You don’t have PayPal, or your account is unverified.
  • Your laptop is expensive, and you don’t want to take any chances.

In Conclusion

Selling used laptops online is quite easy and ever so popular in 2024. More and more average consumers speak out about the importance of reusing and recycling old technology, which fuels the growth of recommerce platforms worldwide. Today, online resale and trade-in sites help users recycle their unwanted laptops, desktops, and other devices in an ecological and practical way. And remember: Practicing sustainability can be rewarding both emotionally and monetarily. 

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