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Step aside, Apple and Samsung: A new contender has arrived! Introducing the RedMagic 9 Pro gaming phone, and it’s here to impress! Discover the unique features of this compact powerhouse right here.

– Affordable– Buggy OS
– Edgeless 90% screen-to-body ratio display– Camera quality lacking
– Great battery life– Does not support e-SIM
RedMagic 9 Pro smartphone pros and cons.

Let’s go over its features in more detail below.

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RedMagic 9 Pro: Design

This smartphone has a slightly thicker profile, but it has its appeal. Overall, it looks minimalist and futuristic. Unlike pretty much any latest smartphone model on the market, the RedMagic 9 Pro does not have an elevated camera (or camera bump, as it is often called); instead, the camera is seamlessly built into the chassis.

The phone has an optional see-through glass back panel (Cyclone), and its surfaces are entirely flat. The sides are aluminum, and while it looks durable, it is not shock-resistant or waterproof. It measures 6.45 in (H) x 3.01 in (W) x 0.35 in (D) and weighs about 8 ounces.

RedMagic 9 Pro is available in Sleet (black), Cyclone (transparent back with gold trims), and Snowfall (silver) color options.


The model features a 6.8-inch display with a 2480×1116 resolution and 120Hz variable refresh rate. The screen is practically edgeless and is the greatest asset of the RedMagic 9 Pro. Add perfect touch responsiveness and extra crisp colors, and you may just have gotten yourself the finest smartphone.

It can switch between 60Hz, 90Hz and 120Hz refresh rates. Users can manually lock it to 60Hz for battery-saving purposes. Otherwise, you can leave it in Auto mode, which will adapt the refresh rate based on how the phone is being used (higher rates in gaming and lower when using apps and such).

The panel is made of Corning Gorilla Glass 5, which is not scratch-resistant. Therefore, buying a screen protector along with your new RedMagic is advisable. It also has a very responsive optical fingerprint reader built in.

All in all, you will not be disappointed by the RedMagic screen’s feel and performance.

RedMagic 9 Pro’s Battery Life

iPhone and Galaxy owners, prepare to be thoroughly impressed. The RedMagic 9 Pro comes with a 6500mAh battery. For comparison, the iPhone 15 Pro Max has a 4441mAh battery, and the Galaxy S24 Ultra–a 5000mAh one. This means that even if you set your refresh rate to 120Hz, the phone will last for days on a single charge—or at least a day of heavy gaming.

The manufacturer claims that the battery will last for up to 56 hours. However, you would have to sacrifice gaming performance if you want your phone to last this long. Regardless, the 80W charging brick should get the battery back to 100% in about 35 minutes.

Sofware and Performance

RedMagic 9 Pro is an Android-based smartphone. And the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor makes it snappy. However, many users raised concerns over OS updates on the internet. Many pointed out translation inaccuracies(the phone is made in China), while others reported bugs in the latest OS9. Some REDMAGIC 9 Pro owners experienced touch freeze, while others had pre-loaded apps and Google chat issues. But most of these software bugs have already been patched out.

Still, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 offers a lot of gaming power. To ensure proper cooling, the RedMagic 9 Pro sports the proprietary Ice 13 Cooling System and a fan with up to 22000 RPM.

The model has HDMI support, and users can also pair it with a headset and a Bluetooth controller, turning the RedMagic 9 Pro into a console.

Its display has a built-in fingerprint scanner. In addition, you have a facial recognition option via the selfie (front) camera.

Unfortunately, the RedMagic 9 Pro smartphone still does not offer e-SIM support.


The camera system consists of 50MP main and 50MP ultra-wide lenses on the back, as well as a 16MP front camera tucked away under the display panel.

While the main camera may not be the best, it performs adequately. The front camera is the RedMagic 9 Pro’s Achilles heel. The absence of the punch hole may be good for aesthetics, but it results in blurry, poor-quality selfies. It appears that the manufacturer focused on gaming performance, disregarding the cameras, and maybe it makes sense.

RedMagic 9 Pro Pricing

In the US, the model comes in two RAM/Storage configurations and has three color options.

The Sleet version has 12GB of RAM and 256GB storage and currently costs $649 + tax. The Snowfall and Cyclone models only come in 16GB/512GB options and cost $799.

As you can see, the RedMagic 9 Pro is considerably more affordable than the golden standard of mobile gaming, an Asus ROG phone. The phone is also much cheaper than 2023-24 non-gaming flagships, like the Galaxy S24 series and the iPhone 14 family. In other words, excellent battery life and gaming hardware make this smartphone an unbeatable bargain.

In Conclusion

If you are in the market for a gaming smartphone and considering RedMagic, we say go for it! The performance will not disappoint you, and the price is unbeatable. As long as you are willing to sacrifice your selfie game, that is.

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