Who is Strange Enough to Sell iPhone for $10,000?

“The Cult of Mac” bookcover by Leandr Kahney

One thing certain about the Internet is that it never ceases to entertain the masses with its peculiar viral news. While the buzz about new iPhone is growing excitement amongst the Apple fans, one of the eBay entrepreneurs–seller name ‘samsonbible’ –is hoping to benefit from what seems to be a serious condition of iNostalgia.

Earlier this week the eBay user has put a bit to sell iPhone of the first generation 8 GB AT&T model, that was described as unused, sealed and  “rare collectors vintage box set”. The phone, which Steve Jobs introduced to the public on January 9th 2007 that was originally priced at $599, is now being offered for merely $10,000.  Although this phone was described as a revolutionary product that would forever change the course of technological progress, it is still questionable if it deserves to be labeled as vintage.

Whether or not it will become a crown jewel item of the Apple collection we’ll have to wait and see. But now that this seller has potentially started a trend in this collector’s item game, it would not take long to see others sell iPhone models and doing similar marketing tricks. This could ultimately become just another way to cash in on consumers’ stupidity.

Especially with the tech manufactures coming up with upgraded mobile devices almost every 3 moths, could this really become an alternative solutions of how public can get rid of their obsolete electronics? Learn more how you can trade, sell used electronics without having to play the collectors game.

Cesar N

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