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Why Gadget Salvation?
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Easy Process, Fast Payment

Selling an iPhone is easy, secure, and fast with Gadget Salvation. All you need to do is find your iPhone model on our website, answer a few questions about its condition and complete the checkout to receive a prepaid shipping label. Then, drop your package at any UPS store, and within days we'll contact you to confirm your payment. You can choose to get paid via check, PayPal, Zelle, or Venmo.

There's no need to deal with the hassle of listing your iPhone, taking pictures, or even worrying about returns. Instead, we make the process of selling your iPhone extremely easy.

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How much is my iPhone worth?

The model, specs, and cosmetic condition of your iPhone determine its value. Naturally, newer iPhone models are worth more; but cosmetic condition plays a significant role. For example, a flawless iPhone 11 in fully functional condition will have a much higher value than an iPhone 11 Pro Max with heavy dents or scratches. iPhone Users pay high prices mainly for the phone's looks; there's no doubt that iPhones have a beautiful design; this is what makes the iPhone so expensive.

When we determine your iPhones valuation, we place most of its value n its cosmetic condition; a minor crack might devalue your iPhone by 20% or 30%, depending on where the damage is located, but don't worry, our online calculator is designed to walk you through the estimation process and help estate the condition of your iPhone accurately.

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What's The Best Place To Sell My iPhone?

We know that you have many options to sell your iPhone; to a friend, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, etc. Each has its benefits. When you use our service to sell your iPhone, you get a reliable transaction and get paid fast in 48 hours.

Avoid the hassle of dealing with scams, returns, market and price research, and many other tasks that other options require. At Gadget Salvation, we are legitimately committed to bringing you an excellent service to sell iPhones or any other used gadgets. We hold an A+ rating by Better Business Bureau (BBB) since our first year of operation (2008), and we continue to keep this rate ever since. In addition, our customers have shared their experience and feedback with us and rated Gadget Salvation very high on review sites like Facebook, Trustpilot, Google Reviews, and ResellerRatings.

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We Make It Easy

Our website's design facilitates the selling process of your used iPhone and other gadgets. Forget worrying about listing or researching the market value through different marketplaces. Selling an iPhone at Gadget Salvation is extremely easy; our process has only three simple steps.

First, visit our site, use our catalog online to find the right brand and model of the device you want to sell for top value, and answer some questions about its condition. Second, our system will give you an offer to purchase your used iPhone. You're free to accept or decline the offer. If you accept the quote offer, continue to fulfill the checkout form to send you a prepaid shipping label! Get a box and send your goods to our offices. Third, once we have received your iPhone, we'll verify that the device conditions match your entered information. If everything is ok, we pay your funds within two working days via PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, or check!

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Where Can I Sell My iPhone?

Look no further; you've found the right place! We are the most efficient, fast, and hassle-free trade-in service for any iPhone, Macbook, or any other Apple gadget you have. Stop shopping around for the best prices, many sites will promise the "highest" value, but they hardly come through. At Gadget Salvation, our offers are accurate, and we deliver!

Many iPhone buyback companies will buy your iPhone; one will offer you more than the next one, so which one to choose? If you don't mind putting some effort into a listing, taking pictures, shipping, and dealing with the risk of payments, your best option is eBay. You might get your iPhone stolen, but if you don't, then you will get the most value for it for sure. The reason for that is because you are selling your iPhone to a much broader audience. You are dealing with all the leg work that it takes to sell your iPhone. But if you are looking for a convenient, hassle-free, and trusted service. We are your answer.

Gadget Salvation's platform doesn't compare prices from all iPhone buyback companies; we are not an aggregator site. We offer you a high-value trade-in service; you won't need to deal with buyers; the only thing you need to worry about is how you want to get paid. Via Venmo, check, PayPal, or Zelle.

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No Hassles

We make the process of selling your iPhone extremely easy. You won't need to worry about listing your device for sale, deal with pictures, pricing, etc. Instead, you get a quote online; we come and pick up your iPhone and pay you on the spot. That's it!

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Sell Broken iPhone? Can I Trade In a Broken iPhone?

Yes, we buy most iPhone models regardless of their condition. The only iPhones that we cannot accept are blacklisted or locked iPhones. You can sell your old iPhone at gadget Salvation even if the screen is broken. Cracked screen, water damaged, or no power; we have an offer for you.

You might not get a full value for a damaged iPhone, but we will make you a fair offer. We know that a damaged iPhone should not be just tossed away; that's why we love reusing and giving electronics a second life here at Gadget Salvation. At Gadget Salvation, our team will find the parts to replace, fix it and refurbish any iPhone so it can continue its purpose onto a new iPhone lover.