Some Reasons Why Consumers Choose Not to Sell iPhone 4 and 4S Just Yet

With the expected launch of the new generation iPhone, rumored to happen within September timeframe, it marks the time for Americans as an opportunity to sell iPhone 4 and 4s devices while still getting good cash return before the new model hits the shelves.

While many trade-in services such as Gadget Salvation at this time are coping with consumers off-loading their used iPhone devices, some part of Apple mobile users are holding off selling their used smart phones just yet. There are couple of good explanations as to why some fans choose not to become a part of this early adopters / trendsetting population with the release of next generation iPhone. Some of the reason include: traveling, rival carrier opportunities and using old devices for donations/presents.

With the recently announced change of AT&T policy, back in April, on unlocking the off contract iPhone devices, it opened up a chance for users to finally utilize their smartphones while traveling abroad. Having an unlocked iPhone while international traveling eliminates roaming changers that users would otherwise incur using the domestic AT&T plans. By simply inserting pre-paid SIM cards of the destination country, consumers can now enjoy cheap calling without having to worry about overdrafting their data or minuet limits. Also, for the frequent travelers, the fact of being a pickpocketing victim while abroad is very familiar. At least now they can have an old spare phone to use during journeys and if stolen, it shouldn’t bring as much inconvenience as it would if it were a new device.

“Traveling iPhone” isn’t the only positive thing that came along with AT&T unlocking policy. If a consumer is no longer on the contract nor does he/she want to sell iPhone gadgets off, it is now easier to switch to other rival telecommunication carriers with your used device. This means that AT&T users can transfer to other GSM supported carriers in the U.S. that might provide lower monthly plans while still using their old iPhones. Considering that the latest iPhone 4s is not even a year old this could become a good option for many Apple users.

And lastly, let’s not forget, about uprising youth population and their parents. The kids today are inevitably known as the most tech-savvy generation of all times, since they begin their introduction to technologies at the very young age. But for parents it doesn’t necessarily mean providing them with the latest and the newest brandy models.  And the year old mobile headsets often make very capable devices for the young users if in fact the parents choose to hand down their old phones to their kids.

The main point is understanding and knowing how to better utilize the electronic devices to their best abilities before labeling them obsolete. Whether it is selling with trade-in services like Gadget Salvation, donating, recycling or simply passing used electronics down to your kids-the main part is being a smart consumer!

Cesar N

Blogger at Gadget Salvation since 2014. Technology enthusiast.