The iPhone beat Android phones in the U.S.

Apple’s share of the U.S. market in the past three months was 48.1%, while Android was 46.7%

El iPhone venció a los teléfonos con Android en EE.UU.

The early success of the Apple iPhone 5 helped to overcome Google’s Android in the U.S., said Tuesday the research firm Kantar Worldpanel.

Apple’s share of the U.S. market in the 12 weeks to October 31 more than doubled from last year to 48.1%, which places it near the record 49.3% that achieved in early 2012 .

Android participation fell to 46.7% from 63.3% previously, data from Kantar Worldpanel, but continues to dominate key markets in Europe. The platform has a 74% market share in Germany and 82% in Spain.

Their combined share of the top five European markets rose to 64% compared to 51% one year ago, while Apple’s share rose one percentage point to 21%.

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