Edward Snowden Breaks Silence From Russia

Snowden is still mired in the transit zone of the airport Sheremetyevo in Moscow, but that hasn’t stopped him to talk for the first time in weeks through a statement published on Wikileaks. The accused Barack Obama and the US Government.UU. of violating human rights to put pressure on Ecuador and other countries to deny him asylum. ‘The Obama administration has now adopted the citizenship as a weapon’, says. Wikileaks also confirms that Snowden had requested asylum to a total of 21 countries, including Spain, Bolivia, Venezuela, Italy, or Germany. At the moment 8 have said ‘no’.

‘ EE.UU. It has unilaterally revoked my passport, leaving me as a person without status. Without a warrant, the Administration [of us.UU.] search for now that it no longer exercise a basic right. A right which belongs to everyone. The right to seek asylum ‘, says Snowden in the statement.

Wikileaks has released another statement in which specific countries to which Snowden has requested asylum. Besides Ecuador, Iceland and Russia, are Spain, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Bolivia, China, Austria, Brazil, Cuba, Finland, France, Germany, India, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Poland and Switzerland. The problem, eight of them have already said that not: Austria, Finland, India, Ireland, Norway, Poland and Spain.

The last is that Snowden, according to several Russian agencies, has withdrawn the asylum request to Russia amid demands that announced President Vladimir Putin yesterday. Putin said yesterday that if Snowden wanted to remain in Russia, should ‘stop their work to harm the American partners’. It seems that it is something that Snowden is not willing to do.

The Guardian newspaper published also a letter not dated Snowden to the President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, asking for asylum.

The own Rafael Correa acknowledged in an interview that help the analyst to flee from Hong Kong to Moscow was ‘a mistake on our part’. He added that the request for asylum only Snowden would be considered if the country or an Ecuadorian Embassy. [Wikileaks and The Guardian]

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