Apple investigating death of woman allegedly electrocuted by her iPhone 5

Last week a Chinese woman of 23 years, Ma Ailun, died after receiving a strong electric shock while using an iPhone 5 that was loading. The Xinhua news agency reported that the incident occurred at his home, when he was to answer a call on your mobile while it charges. Now Apple has confirmed that ‘goes to investigate the event and will cooperate with the authorities on the subject’.

“We are deeply saddened by this tragic incident and we offer our condolences to the family of Ma. We will investigate in detail and we will cooperate with the authorities in this matter’, Apple has stated in an email, according to Reuters.

The brother of Ma told the average Apple Daily that he believed that the electric shock occurred while she responded to a call with your iPhone. The mobile has been handed over to the police in Xinjiang, as confirmed by the South China Morning Post

Johnny Without Kin-on, professor of science and technology at the University of Hong Kong, has assured SCMP that there are ‘true risk to use a computer when it is loading, is a mobile phone or an electric razor’. However, impossible to know for the time being, the exact causes of the accident, because they are in the midst of an ongoing investigation

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