Apple Under Heat over Beats Streaming Service Revamp

Stores that sell iPhone and other Apple products are bombarded with questions concerning over Apple Beats. The news about the revamped music streaming service from the esteemed company jumpstarted the friendly war between Beats, Spotify, and Tidal. The Apple Beats’ re-launch is said to propel it to the forefront among music streaming apps. As reported by Recode, Tim Cook, Apple CEO ,and Jimmy Lovine, Apple Senior Administrator, are collaborating with SoundCloud for ther iOS music program. The Apple executives also mention a number of freebies and cool features to attract more users.


 Apple, like the majority of its gadgets and services launching during this year, has yet to officially announce anything about the revamped Beats. Recode reportedly said that the consumers can expect the following features to be part of the new Beats music streaming service relaunch:

    • Free Trial Period.- The new streaming service is said to offer a free trial period that may vary from one to three months, based on the outcome. of the negotations made by Apple with different music labels. Offering a free subscription for 30 days is a common feature for streaming providers, music and otherwise. Spotify, Tidal, and even Netflix use the “first one’s free” mentality in enticing users to get hooked with the service. Apple making it possible to use Beats for three months free of charge will definitely set it apart from  its competition.
    • Free Sampling of Songs.- Apple is rumored to include a feature that will allow music owners to upload a sample of their songs that users can listen to without needing to subscribe to the service. Anumber of sources refer to this feature as something comparable to SoundCloud, the music streaming service that identifies itself as the audio version of Youtube. This feature is going to be an exciting direction for Apple. Beats the popular headphones maker, typically doesn´t provide this service; however. Apple has always been about more than  just music cosumption. The company is also an advocate of music creation. Apple can use this feature to become competitive with websites like BandCamp  where new songs are created and discovered.
    • Updates iTunes Radio.- An updated version of iTunes Radio, showcasing stations programmed by listeners rather than computers is one of the supposed highlights of the new Beats. These stations can be localized for various countries. It hasbeen reported that Apple has employed DJ Zane Lowe, a well-known BBC Radio 1 DJ. Subsequently, the company hired four more top producers from the same sation. The revamp of theBeats service can make it more persuasive for users to use the updated iTunes Radio.

Apple is likely to announce its overhauled Beats Music streaming app this june 2015. This is in spite of some  recent reports that certification deals with some musiclabels are still being discussed. The company intends to introduce the new app at its Worldwide Developers Conference, although the app itself will fomally launch a couple of weeks after the announcement. The new Beats will probably be part of iOs 8.4 update.


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