5 Brand New Gadgets for a Healthier Lifestyle

People have been getting more conscious about their health in recent years and this is one aspect of human life where technology has major applications. The path towards great health now teems with wearable devices that help you get motivated to have a better lifestyle.

1. Smartwatches
Gym rats or those who run marathons know too well what these gadgets are. With Android Wear getting a lot of public attention, alongside the Apple Watch, the MotoX, and the LG G Watch R, users are seeing more and more of this type of cool gadget used at the gym or sports arena. Some people buy smartwatches, no matter what, because of the brand (this is you, Apple user). Others specifically buy a smartwatch for actual fitness tracking since this nifty gadget has sensors built into it to detect all of your physical activity. The gadget then displays them on the watch’s screen for health info like calories burned, miles ran, and the number of steps made. Of course, a smartwatch also has the ability to sync with your mobile phone and run a lot of other non-fitness apps.
2. Fitness Tracker
This is quite similar to what a smartwatch does, but this should get a separate category altogether since this gadget is particularly designed for fitness. A fitness tracker may be as small as your thumb, but it works as hard as you when you work out. As the name implies, it tracks your fitness level, heart rate, and other items that the smartwatch also detects. The health data are then divided and placed into different categories to help sort out your specific fitness information. This is the year where the market for fitness tracker is starting to grow. If you’re interested in buying, you can go for mainstream brands like Fitbit or Jawbone or go for the more budget-friendly Mi Band.
3. Smart Headband
If you want to stay focused on a goal, you should start training your brain to do just that. There is a gadget that works as a brain treadmill to train your brain to focus. The Muse is under a category of its own – it’s a smart headband that utilizes EEG or electroencephalography to detect brain signals and measure them. This essentially allows you to know when your mind wanders. Your quiet time now just got a little more techie as you attempt to avoid distractions when you meditate. This comes with the smartphone app, Calm, which provides the feedback and allows you to check on where you’re at when you’re trying to concentrate on something.
4. Portable Lab
Unnecessary visits to the doctor can now be avoided if you can get your hands on a gadget that uses a drop of your saliva or blood to give you the biometric data that could needed to detect flu early, among other things. The device called Cue is a portable lab. It can track fertility and optimize workouts. It comes with an app to give feedback on inflammations that result from a very strenuous physical session, so you’d know how long you need to recuperate.
5. Stress Indicators
Stress indicators are wearable gadgets. Wear one on your wrist and have the moisture on your skin tell you just how stressed you are. This helps predict epileptic episodes and also measures sleep. Data can be accessed through an app and delivered to the person’s or his caregiver’s smartphone for prevention or immediate action.
For more information about these five cool devices for a healthy lifestyle, you could always inquire at shops that sell accessories and other awesome gadgets.

Cesar N

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