Five Zen Gaming Fixes to Calm Your Mind

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You woke up on the wrong side of the bed. You forgot to set up the alarm and so you got to the station just as the bus is pulling away. From there, everything just went downhill. To say you’re having a bad day is an understatement. One effective way to forget about your lousy day is to play a game. Lucky for you, there are a lot of quality games that can chase your stress away. Here are five of the best Zen-inspired games to help you calm your mind.

  • Threes

Developed by: Sirvo

Available for: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Amazon Fire, Xbox One

Threes deceptively looks like a tedious Sudoku game, but this Zen-inducing app is far from it. The instructions on how to play the game are pretty straightforward. You just need to slide the numbered tiles on a grid to produce “threes” or multiples of three. The goal, however, is a bit tricky. You need to make as many “threes” as you possibly can. But as the grid starts to increase, your goal will also become a lot more difficult. Building your own strategy to make as many moves as you can plus the game’s rhythmic tunes and muted colors make Threes a surprisingly soothing game.

  • Monument Valley

Developed by: Ustwogames

Available for: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Amazon Fire OS

Monument Valley is known for its meditative effects and stunning graphics. In it, you have to assume the character of Ida, a silent princess, who is trying to escape a beautiful world full of hidden paths, optical illusions, and amazing geometry. The stunningly designed puzzle game provides a sense of tranquility while you stimulate your brain finding upside-down doors and crooked exits.

  •  Proteus

Developed by: Ed Key and David Kanaga

Available for: Windows, Linux, PS3, PS Vita

Proteus is a game set to put anyone’s stressed out mind at ease, thanks to its minimalist approach and musical element. The game’s premise involves a world where every living thing has its signature sound. The game has no specific goal. All you have to do is explore the wilderness and discover new sounds. To make the game more fascinating, the layout of the environment changes every time you play. Overall, Proteus has a serene effect to counteract a taxing day.

  • TwoDots

Developed by: Playdots

Available for: Android, iOS, Amazon Fire

TwoDots is possibly the simplest game in this list, but it provides the most Zen-like effect. At its core, the game is a classier and funnier take on the classic game, Connect the Dots. The goal is to connect a certain number of dots of a distinct color in just a specified number of moves. When you’re able to execute this connection, you win. The more you progress, the harder it is to connect the dots.

  • Flower

Developed by: thatgamecompany

Available for: PS3, PS4, PS Vita

With Flower, there is no need to stop and smell real flowers. The game is designed to help the player achieve a serene state of mind. In it, you will play the character of the wind that gently blows the petals of the flowers. As you move through the floral world, you add colors and lights to the surroundings and triggers unmoving objects. Play one of these games and you can easily chase your worries away. For more information about online games and apps, hit up Gadget Salvation – an online shop that sells electronics and delivers new gadget tidbits.

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