5 iOS 10 Features iPhone Users can Look Forward To

So far, Apple is making this quarter amazingly exciting. While people are anticipating the release of the iPhone 7, Apple is also prepping their followers for the exciting things to come with the new iOS 10. Experts that sell iPhones predict that this is going to be one of the most amazing releases yet.

Let’s see if all the excitement is worth it. Here are 5 features that iPhone users can look forward to from the new operating system:

  • Raise to Wake

Sure, the Touch ID is awesome. But if there’s one problem that it introduces, it’s the fact that it opens up the phone into the home screen just a little bit too fast, leaving very little time for you to check out all your notifications.

With the Raise to Wake feature, all you have to do is pick up your phone. Once the phone feels the motion, it automatically activates the lock screen so that you can check out your notification list.

  • New Stopwatch Design

If you still prefer an analogue look, then you’ll enjoy the new stopwatch design. It has been made over so that it looks like an actual watch face. Of course, if you’re rather look at the digital version, then all you need to do is toggle left or right to switch between the two designs.

  • Quick Access to Basic Controls

Among the most used and viewed functions are the battery life, cellular data, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth controls. Problem is, it takes a few taps and swipes to get to them. With the new iOS 10, you can now enjoy 3D Touch functionality on the Settings app. This means that you can gain access to al these controls faster and easier.

  • Improved FaceTime Connectivity

FaceTime has definitely been one of the best features on the iOS ever since it was first introduced. However, connectivity could be a problem sometimes. In fact, initiating the connection between two users take up some valuable time.

With the iOS 10, FaceTime connectivity issues will be addressed. For example, video quality will automatically be adjusted in case the connection is not as strong. This allows your video call to continue despite the lack of bandwidth.

  • Toll-Free Driving Directions

Toll-free just took on an amazing new meaning with this Apple Maps overhaul. On the iOS 10, Apple Maps can actually give you driving directions that lets you avoid highway tolls. Now that’s intuitive control like never before!

The iOS 10 definitely has so much in store for all iOS users, especially the ones who have been feeling like their old iOS version isn’t as friendly as they want it to be. Of course, the iOS 10 is not going to solve each and every problem you’re having with your Apple gadget. However, it sure can make your life a whole lot easier. Besides, Apple is always finding new ways to improve user experience. And as long as Apple is around, you can expect new iOS versions that will be better than the last.