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So your laptop just did not boot up one day? What to do now? We suggest trying a few things before giving up on it.

If it so happens that your laptop does not turn on, even if you have it is plugged in to the power outlet, there are several things to rule out. It could have some internal issues with the motherboard, battery read failure or even RAM memory malfunction. But there are a few things you could try to resolve the issue. Below you’ll find a quick rundown of potential causes for your laptop not powering up.

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No Power: Check Your AC Adapter

If you already tried to turn on your laptop by pressing the power button, and the system doesn’t come up, it might just be the failing adapter issue.

One of the obvious things to do is to check the power plug. Make sure your power supply is properly connected. You’ll find some AC adapters with a pin in the end of the adapter that plugs into the laptop. Try to see if there is a bent or broken pin that enables the device from receiving any power from the AC adapter. Similarly, some laptops have a pin inside the power port that helps to make a good connection to the AC adapter. If this pin is broken, the power port will need to be replaced. 

Another reason why your laptop won’t turn on, is that the device might be not connected to a power source. Plug it directly into a wall outlet instead of a power strip, to see if what may be failing. As well, you’ll need to verify if the problem is not coming from a low battery from your device.

After doing the above, if your laptop won’t turn on yet, it’s time to inspect your power source. Make sure that your charger is plugged in properly to the right port. If your power supply fails, it will cause boot issues, even if you see the lights and cooling fans are turned on. Another reason might be that your adapter or power plug shows some signs of damage, as a result from power surges. If it happens to you, you’ll need either to replace the adapter or power plug for a brand-new.

Laptop Does Not Boot? Rule Out Potential Screen Issue

If you see that the LED light next to the DC jack comes on, but nothing happens and there is no image on display, your LCD panel could be faulty. If you can, try connecting your laptop to the external monitor to see if you can get the boot image. In screen is the issue, we suggest to contact a repair shop to arrange screen replacement. We highly advise you against trying to replace the display yourself.

Another thing to consider: a lot of laptop users actually mistake “Sleep Mode” for boot issues. Just to be on the safe side, try to completely shut it down by holding down the power button until you hear the shutdown. Then, press the power button again to see if you can get it to boot again.

Laptop Won’t Turn On Due to Overheating

Overheating might be another potential reason for your laptop failing to power on. In general, all laptops have internal thermal protection that shuts down the device when it’s too hot. You’ll need to wait for your laptop to cool down in order to turn it on again. However, if you realize your laptop vents block the air flow, you’ll need to find a replacement. This is to prevent overheating damage the system.

Other Internal Failures

There is a probability that your laptop has a faulty or incompatible hardware. The most likely component to be at fault is the processor or the motherboard. You’ll need to put you in contact with the manufacturer of your laptop to find a solution. Also, you can visit a repair specialist to diagnose the issue and see what’s the best solution for your device.

Newer HP laptop models might not turn on due to loose of faulty RAM memory chip. To check that, you would need to remove the bottom cover panel, disconnect the battery, and try reseating the RAM. If that does not work, try removing one of the chips and switching ports on the motherboard to rule out a faulty stick. This is a very common issue with HP laptops, and is often fixed by seating the RAM chip correctly so that it makes connection with the main board, allowing the system to boot up.

Got it to Boot? Check Your BIOS

If your laptop turns on, but you get a blue screen of death, it can signal the following:

  • Corrupted Windows
  • Failing storage drive
  • CPU problems

But do not panic. Most of the times, the issue is solvable by reinstalling Windows. Follow the on-screen instructions to play around with your boot options. Access your BIOS (most laptop brands BIOS systems can be accessed by pressing either F1 or F2 keys). Once you are in BIOS screen, try changing the BIOS settings. First of, the Boot Order needs to be set to the correct storage drive. Another thing to try is resetting your BIOS to factory defaults by using the Load Optimized Defaults option. If you can rule out Windows and the storage, we suggest taking the laptop to a local repair center for a comprehensive CPU check. Or, if the laptop is still under warranty, contact the manufacturer to arrange repairs.

In Conclusion

There could be multiple reasons for your laptop not powering up, and unfortunately, most of them can be costly to fix. If you feel like you’d rather get a new laptop and dump the old one instead of spending a small fortune on repairs, wait, don’t give up on it just yet. For one, trashing electronics is illegal in most states. More importantly, even if non-functional, your laptop might still be worth a few bucks. How would you know? We suggest resorting to online laptop trade in companies. Its a great way to check your broken laptop’s potential value in a matter of seconds. We at Gadget Salvation will gladly help you with an instant estimate and a further sale. Just think: this recovered extra cash could help you offset the new laptop purchase cost. And even if we cannot make you an offer, we’ll suggest what to do or even recycle your non-working laptop for you!

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