How To Sell a Used iPad For a Maximum Profit

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Here’s how you can get the most cash out of your used iPad.

iPad tablets are thin & lightweight, all while being sturdy & durable.

iPad tablets are thin & lightweight, all while being sturdy & durable.

So you’ve decided to trade in your iPad for cash and maybe upgrade to the latest version? Or, perhaps you simply are looking to get some money to cover some unexpected expenses? But before you decide to sell your used iPad tablet, you need to make sure it is free of your accounts and any stored data first. In this post, we will guide you through the process, offer some of the most convenient services, and buy used iPads in almost any condition.

What To Do Before Selling Your Used iPad

To properly prepare your iOS device, follow the steps below. Note that most of the steps you need to take to prep’ to get rid of your iOS device apply to iPhones and iPads, too.  

Know Your iPad Specs

The first thing to do is to know the exact model of your iPad and its specs to get an accurate estimate.

To get to your iPad specs, go to “Settings App”> About > Model. You also have the storage capacity information in the “About” section. 

Your iPad information is crucial not only for you to get an accurate offer but for the buyer too. Most reseller websites manually verify the information you enter about your device to honor the quote offered; if you misrepresent that information, you’ll need to get a new quote offer.  

Backup Your iPad

Make sure your device has the latest version of iOS before you do your last backup. This will help prevent potential incompatibility issues and allow a quick factory settings restoration if you decide to get a new iPad device. To check new updates: Go to Settings > General > Software Update.

You can use iCloud to back up your documents, files, photos, and more. As long as you are plugged in, Apple iCloud automatically creates backup overnight; however, if you prefer to manually backup, you can do it, as well. Go to Settings > Apple ID Banner > iCloud> iCloud Backup >tap the switch to turn it on > select “Backup Now”. Also, you can use iTunes for a manual update to ensure all your recent files and media are backed up. Simply connect your iPad to your PC and open iTunes, then go to “Devices.” Find your device and click on Back Up. 

Sign Out From Your iCloud Account

Before erasing your data, sign out from your iCloud and Apple Store. You’ll need to do the following: go to “Settings” and tap your name on the top > scroll down and choose “Sign out iCloud” and “Store”> Enter your “Apple ID password” to confirm > then tap “Turn Off.” 

Erase Your Data

As long as you use a passcode, all iOS products are encrypted. However, you can delete your personal data to make sure there is no trace of your personal information. Follow these steps to successfully erase your data. 

  1. Go to “Settings” and select “General.”
  2. Scroll down to the button and tap on “Reset.”
  3. Next, tap on “Erase All Content and Settings.”
  4. Enter your Apple ID and password.
  5. And select “Erase.” 

Once you are done with these steps, the reset process begins. You’ll see your screen going blank for a few minutes. This means that your iPad is restoring to factory settings. When the iPad finishes wiping, you should be able to see a Hello or Welcome setup Assistant screen. 

Assess The Condition Of Your iPad 

Provide honest information about your device’s condition. Check for scratches, dents, cracks on the screen, for example. In this way, resellers are aware of what they are expecting and purchasing. Most buyback services have automated questions that will help you assess your iPad’s cosmetic and functional condition. Furthermore, this is the perfect time to clean your device from dirt. You can use a soft cloth to remove dust, lint, and fingerprints on your iPad. This way, your used iPad will look presentable to the following user, and you have more chances to increase its value. Remember, no one wants a dirty iPad.

How Much Can You Make From Selling Your Used iPad?

Everyone wants to know how much money you can make selling your used iPad. However, the answer to this question required several factors at play. These factors include your device model, manufacture year, cosmetic condition, and depreciation. Yes, depreciation is one of the most significant factors to calculate the exact amount you can collect from selling your used gadgets. Although Apple products, compared to other brands, generally hold better-reselling value, they are not exempt from depreciation. Mainly because Apple launches new products and upgrades at least once a year.

For example, let’s say you have an iPad Pro 4 11-inch 1TB Wi-Fi (2020) in “flawless condition” and fully working; you can get up to a $494 cash offer*. Over here, the purchasing offer is fair for a pre-owned iPad. Factors considered here are the iPad Pro 4, a recent generation; the device condition looks new, and it has 1TB storage size. While having an iPad 7th Gen 10.2-in 128 GB Wi-Fi in good condition yields up to $134 money in your pocket*. 

Where To Sell Used iPads Online?

There are several options here, from selling your device on your own on sites like Craigslist or eBay to legit buyback websites like Gadget Salvation, for example. 

If you decide to eliminate the need for a middleman, you will need time to work on the whole selling process from creating an account, describing the product, searching for the price, shipping fees, and more. We suggest reading our article about “how safe eBay is for sellers” if you consider using this platform to sell a used iPad or any other gadget on your own. While buyback services are convenient and are the easiest solution to sell any used devices online. 

Buyback Services 

As we mentioned earlier, buyback services are designed to facilitate the selling process without the hassle of listing, dealing with clients and more, that other sites require. Most of the buyback services include on their offer valuation, inspection, and shipping fees. So, you can quickly get an estimate from the comfort of your home, and if you like the quote, get a prepaid shipping label to send your goods. 

Gadget Salvation Accepts Used iPads

Gadget Salvation is an online platform that buys used laptops, iPhones, iPads, gaming consoles and more, for cash. To sell a used iPad or any other gadget, find your device model along with the specs using the online catalog. Then, enter a few details about your device condition, then you’ll get a quote offer. If you like what you see, accept the offer to get a free UPS shipping label via email. Also, you receive a tracking number to check where your parcel is at. Finally, get a box, ship your iPad and wait for your payment. Payment is made within two working days from the reception of your device via PayPal, Zelle, Quick Pay, or Check. 

Previous customers rated Gadget Salvation services with higher scores on review sites like Google ReviewsResellersRatingTrustpilot, and Facebook.

Bottom Line

If you want to make the most profit from selling your used iPad, you need to take simple steps, like erasing passcodes and removing them from your iCloud account to make the tablet sellable. Don’t forget to restore the iPad to its factory settings. The next step is to find the best place to sell your used iPad and get a decent offer. And if you do not want to upgrade but simply are looking to get paid instead, consider Gadget Salvation. We offer a quick, easy, and very convenient way to sell iPads or other types of pre-owned electronics online. Just visit the website and see how much you can get for your gadget to get started.

*Priced on 06/14/2021. Subject to change.

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