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The iOS 10 promises quite a few pleasant surprises for Apple users, like improved FaceTime connectivity and better access to basic settings. What’s going to make the entire package even better is the fact the Siri will also see a huge overhaul as the geniuses at Apple prepare the virtual assistant for the iOS 10.

Here is an overview of all the awesome things that you’ll be able to do with Siri once you use it with the iOS 10. Even experts who sell iPhones agree – this is going to be something that will make every iOS user giddy with contentment.

Using Siri to Control More Apps

To date, Siri can only be used with very few apps, like Facebook and Twitter. But because Apple opened up the feature to a lot more third-party developers, you can now enjoy using the virtual assistant with a wider range of apps.

Here are just some of the apps you can now use with Siri:

  • Pinterest – Look for pins you have saved under different categories.
  • Square Cash – Send money to people in your contact list.
  • LinkedIn – Send messages to any of your LinkedIn contacts.
  • The Roll – Find photos using keywords that describe the photo and when or where it was taken.

For sure, more third-party apps will also consider integrating their system with Siri, giving you access to even more actions that can be done using voice commands.

Using Siri to Send Messages

So far, you’ve been using Siri to send messages using Messages or Mail. Now, Siri widens its reach by letting you send messages using other 3rd party messaging apps. Some of these apps include Skype, WhatsApp and WeChat.

Some commands you can give are, “Tell Marie I’m running a few minutes late on Skype” or “Send Melissa a WeChat saying I’ll be there in 5 minutes”.

Using Siri to Book a Ride

Aside from messaging and social media apps, one thing that has become in demand in recent months would be ride-sharing service apps. Now, you can ask Siri to book an Uber trip or order a Lyft, and it can immediately launch the app.

Of course, since the function is yet to be tested, there is very little information on how far Siri can go in terms of booking the actual trip.

Using Siri on Your Keyboard

Siri can now make it easier to type anything in, as it will be lending its brain to your iOS 10 keyboard. For example, if you’re discussing plans with a contact through the messaging app, Siri can automatically create a calendar event for you without having to open up your calendar app manually. If someone you’re texting with asks for someone’s contact details, Siri would also be able to pull it up for you and send it through the messaging app so that you don’t have to look it up yourself.

There’s so much more, and each new feature makes the iOS 10 even more exciting. This makes it even more worthwhile to consider upgrading to the new iOS right away.

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