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Why Gadget Salvation?
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Easy Process, Fast Payment

Are you looking to upgrade your smartphone? Gadget Salvation pays top value for your used smartphone in the most secure and hassle-free way. We are an online platform that helps users to sell their pre-owned smartphones and other gadgets. We guaranteed fast payment within 48 hours from the reception of your goods!

In our online catalogue, you'll see several brands and models of your favorite gadgets such as Samsung, Xiomi, Huawei and many others. Also, we work with our custom algorithm that pulls data from other retailers such as Amazon. eBay and Rakuten to calculate the value of your devices. Our service includes, quotation, valuation and postage at our charge! No need to worry about shipping fees or returns!

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We Make it Easy

Our service is designed to facilitate your life and the selling process in the most convenient way. All the process is online, you’ll need a smartphone, laptop or desktop and internet connexion to visit our website. If it happens you need assistance, you can reach us by message, we’ll answer you in shortly.

Selling your used smartphone with us is very easy. Find in our catalogue the right model and brand of the device you want to sell. Then, answer some questions about its condition.It’s important for us that you give this information to assess the value of your used smartphone. If you are fine with the quote offer, then complete the checkout form. We’ll send you a prepaid shipping label free of charge, get a box and send us your goods!. We’ll verify that your device matches with the information you gave us. If all is good, we pay your funds within 48 hours via PayPal, Venmo, Zelle or by check.

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What's The Best Place To Sell My Smartphone?

Gadget Salvation is a legit solution to sell any pre-owned gadgets for top value. We have been in the business since 2008, which makes us experts about gadgets! We know gadgets and it’s value, for this, we offer you higher quotes to purchase your used smartphone or any other gadget. Plus, our website has reinforced security to protect your personal data, ensuring a legit transaction. What's more, we take in charge of the shipping fees!

At Gadget Salvation, our mission is to contribute to the environmental impact. When you resell your used gadgets, you help to reduce the e-waste and you give a chance to extend the lifetime of the device on the system. What's more, you earn some greens helping the planet!

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How much should I sell my Smartphone for?

Smartphones are very practical devices that help us to communicate by phone and by internet. Mostly everyone has a Smartphone and the design varies from brand to brand. As smartphones are the most sold device in the world, they depreciate fast,as well. Depending on the smartphone condition you can expect more value. For instance, a smartphone in flawless condition, fully functional and properly clean, will have a better value than other used smartphones with heavy use.

We recommend to our users to sell smartphones and other gadgets whenever they feel they won't use it anymore. At Gadget Salvation, we pay you higher quotes for your pre-owned devices. Visit our site, and see how much your used smartphone is worth!