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IT Asset
Disposition (ITAD)
ITAD services protect your company’s end-of-use IT assets in a secure and environmentally compliant manner, ensuring your company’s risks are mitigated, your equipment's value is preserved, and your organization’s sustainability initiatives are supported.
end-of-use IT assets
Improper handling of end-of-life assets can lead to severe data breaches, devastating environmental consequences, and billions lost in buying new equipment. Our ITAD services can qhelp you resolve these problems before they even arise.
Risk Mitigation
Every year, companies pay hefty fines due to data security breaches related to poor handling of their discarded IT assets. Protect your data, and brand, from these risks by implementing an enterprise-class
Value Recovery
Simply discarding your end-of-use IT assets can be costly both for you and for the planet. Utilizing ITAD services can save you money and the planet’s resources by extending the lives of assets on a secondary market while capturing its residual value.
Environmental Stewardship
The environmental threats related to improper disposal of IT assets are not to be taken lightly. An ITAD program protects the environment by responsibly managing the disposition of your end-of-life assets.
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