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Why Gadget Salvation?
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Easy Process, Fast Payment

Wondering where to sell smartwatches for the most value online? Gadget Salvation is the most easy and secure way to sell smartwatches and other pre-owned gadgets online. We have included in our service valuation, inspection and shipping fees! Forget worrying about listing that other sites require, at Gadget Salvation, we got your covered!

Our online catalogue is constantly updated with all the brands and models of your favorites gadgets. You’ll find brands such Apple, Fitbit and more. Plus, in order to give you the most quotes on the market, we use a custom algorithm that pulls that from eBay, Amazon and Rakuten, to calculate the value of your used gadgets. We guarantee fast payment, within 48 hours from the reception of your package.

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We Make it Easy

Our service is built to facilitate the selling-buying of your preowned gadgets online. We are an online platform helping users to sell smartwatches and other gadgets such as laptops and more, for top cash.

Selling smartwatches with us is very simple. Visit our site and find the right brand and model of the device you want to sell. You’ll need to answer a few questions about the device condition. After that, our system gives you a quote offer.This is the price we are willing to pay for your preowned smartwatch. If you agree with the offer, continue to complete the checkout form to send you a free USPS shipping label.

Once we receive your goods, we’ll inspect them to verify that the device matches with the information you provide us. If everything is ok, we pay your funds via PayPal, Venmo, Zelle or check, within two business days from the reception of your goods!

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What's The Best Place To Sell My Smartwatch?

Since 2008, we offer you a hassle-free solution to sell smartwatches and other used gadgets online. As we value your time, we want to ease the process of selling your used smartwatch, therefore, we take on charge valuation, professional inspection and even shipping fees! You just need to use our prepaid shipping label and get a box to send your goods! Plus, we ensure risk-free transactions in our protected website. We work with several legitimate payment methods like PayPal, Vemo,Zelle or check.

Furthermore, our business has a circular system.This means that by purchasing pre owned gadgets, we extend the lifetime of them, and we keep them on the system. While, in a linear system, devices end-up on the landfills contributing with the e-waste. Moreover, we are trying to do our best to recycle as many boxes and packaging materials to reduce the environmental impact! What's more, selling your used gadgets helps the environment and you earn extra dollars.

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How much should I sell my Smartwatch for?

To obtain the most value for your pre-owned devices, depends on several factors. First of all, the depreciation of gadgets is high due to a fast-pace of technology. Then, you need to consider the internal and external condition of the device. Is it fully functional? Does it have some signs of wear? Is it in pristine condition? Those are some questions you need to ask yourself in order to get top value.

We are experts in gadgets and we know its value.Therefore, we pay higher quotes on the market for your used smartwatch and many other gadgets. get a quote on our site, and see how much your smartwatch is worth! Fast payment is guaranteed. We invite you to check our clients reviews on Facebook, Reseller Ratings, Trustpilot and Google reviews, they have rated us high.