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Why Gadget Salvation?
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Easy Process, Fast Payment

Gadget Salvation offers you the quickest and safest process of selling your used computer for top value online. We are a hassle-free solution that purchases pre owned gadgets online paying higher quotes to our clients. You can sell computers, laptops, smartphones, gaming consoles and more on our site!

Our online catalogue has a large database with many brands and models of your favorite gadgets to help you to find the device you want to sell. To provide you the most accurate quote for your used device on the market, we use our custom algorithm that pulls data from eBay, Amazon and Rakuten. Plus, we pay your funds within 48 hours from receiving your goods!

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We Make it Easy

Our service is easy to use and more importantly, hassle-free. We take on charge valuation, professional inspections and shipping fees! All our service is online and you can reach us by message whenever you need assistance.

To sell computers and other gadgets with us, you just need a connection to the internet and a smartphone, laptop or PC to get a quote. Select the right category of the device you want to sell along with its specifications, and answer some questions about its condition. After this, we’ll give you an estimate. You can accept or decline the offer. If you agree with it, fulfill the checkout form to send you a free prepaid label.

Once we receive your goods, our specialist will verify your device matches with the information you entered. If all is correct, we send your payment within two business days from the reception of your goods via Check, PayPal, Venmo or Zelle.

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What's The Best Place To Sell My Computer?

Gadget Salvation is a legit solution to sell any pre-owned gadgets for top value. We have been in the business since 2008, which makes us experts about gadgets! We know gadgets and it’s value, for this, we offer you higher quotes to purchase your used smartphone or any other gadget. Plus, our website has reinforced security to protect your personal data, ensuring a legit transaction. What's more, we take in charge of the shipping fees!

Moreover, we contribute to reduce the environmental impact by purchasing used gadgets. We are an eco-friendly solution to users that want to extend the lifetime of its devices by selling for cash. If your computer is out of function, we work with partnership recycling centers that can recycle it for free.

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How much should I sell my Computer for?

We know computers are powerful devices that cannot compare with a laptop horsepower for gaming. Also, gadgets are moving forward faster due to technology with quickest hardware, modern designs and internal improvements on the GPU, for example. For this, if you are thinking of upgrading your current computer, we recommend you to sell it for cash with us.

We pay you higher quotes for your used computers. To get the most of the value, you need to take into account the computer cosmetic condition, functionality, brand and year model. Now that you know all the benefits about our service, visit our site and get a quote for your used computer! Or get in touch with us via text on (312) 588-6220 or by Facebook message.