Which Apps With A Dark Mode Can You Use ?

When Apple launched the iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 in September, they also threw in a bunch of exciting new features. The dedicated Dark Mode is one of the standout features. It saves your phone’s battery life, and it’s easy on the eyes, especially if you’re in low light environments.

Switching to Dark Mode

Looking to give your eyes a break? Try switching to Dark Mode. You have two options to access Dark Mode: • Go to Settings. Proceed to Display & Brightness. Go to the Appearance section, and choose Dark. • You also have the option to let your device automatically switch to Light or Dark Mode, depending on the time of the day. You can do this by going to Settings. Click on Display & Brightness. Turn on the Automatic option.

Apps That Support Dark Mode

Not all apps can automatically run Dark Mode with your iOS update. Some of them need to be manually updated for you to access the dark themes that developers have designed. To update your apps, go to the App Store. Open your account settings page under the account icon. Find and click on the Available Updates. Once you see all the apps with pending updates, you can update them one by one or all at once using the Update All option.

Apple-curated Apps

Here are some of the Apple-curated apps that support Dark Mode. Note that these apps are rather limited in their scope:

• Evernote

• Microsoft OneNote

• Overcast

• Reeder 4

• Serial Reader – Classic Books

Apps That Support Their Own Dark Modes

Here is a wider range of third-party apps that support their own Dark Mode. To access the respective apps’ Dark Mode, you may have to go to their Settings section and toggle their Appearance (iA Writer) or Display & Sound settings (Twitter).

• Facebook Messenger

• iA Writer

• IMDb

• Instagram

• Pinterest

• Reddit

• Slack

• Twitter

• Wikipedia

• YouTube

• Google Maps

For Google Maps, Dark Mode is automatic if you’re navigating at night. However, you can still use its Night Mode during the day. To do this, open Google Maps. Go to Settings, then proceed to Navigation. Go to Map display, and then click Night.

Aside from Dark Mode, Apple introduced several new features with the iOS 13, such as new privacy features. They’ve also rolled out a new and improved Reminders app. If you’re looking to upgrade your phone to utilize iOS 13’s new features, you can opt to sell iPhone units that you’re no longer in need of. If you’re not keen on going to online markets or yard sales to sell phones that are broken or used, you can always opt to refurbish them. This way, you can keep them out of landfills, doing your bit for the earth, while earning or saving some extra cash at the same time. iOS 13’s Dark Mode is a welcome addition to Apple’s set of features. What do you think of the new Dark Mode? What apps with Dark Mode do you enjoy using?

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